P.P.U(GPS Plotter Processing Unit)


▶ PPU (Plotter Processing Unit)
• Separating Display Unit from its Processing Unit, users can choose their preferences for various sizes of Display Unit.

▶ All PC monitors compatible
• Available to use all types of LCD & CRT monitors that support the RGB input.
• Available to use 2 monitors with the common monitor-distributor if necessary.

▶ 2 Types of Chart Systems
• Data provided by the latest built-in digital electronic charts/NAVIONICS® GOLD

▶ Quick & Easy Operation
• High speed CPU engine enables users to work on quick & secure data process.
• The maps stay unchanged in the display change of Zoom-In/Out.

▶ Multi languages
• Korean, English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Russian and Greek etc Selectable.

▶ SD Card (Secure Digital)
• Available to use SD Card for user’s data backup and program update.

▶ Remote Control
• Wire/wireless remote control, backlight remote control mode,waterproof

▶ External Remote Sensor (Option)
• Easy to install
• Available to remote-control at any user’s wishful locations