Keeping all marine electronics equipment operational for a smooth working.

Enhancing the efficiency of work by providing experienced people and experts’ advice.

Endowing cost-efficient solutions and make your entire deal lucrative.

Serving customers through direct sales, on-demand and contractual services.

SS Transtech – Sales and Service Provider for Marine Navigation and Communication Equipments.

Working since 2009, SS Transtech has not left any stone unturned to endow a complete marine service to national and international manufacturers. We are the leading sales and service agent bestowing the most lucrative work from our end.

Our Perks


We are experienced, skilled and have enough knowledge to provide high-quality service. Our qualified team is capable of resolving every issue related to marine and navigation equipment. Meeting the industry demands, we ensure to fulfill the requirements in the least time.
Time is precious, and we understand how important it is to remain updated with the advanced equipment and features. Therefore for every cost-effective solution, timely work and top-notch customer service SS Transtech could become your final destination.

Our Clients

We have successfully delivered our services to different national and international
manufacturers. Our major clients include Hondex, Furno, Koden, Garmin, iCom and Samyung. With the
motto to build a trustworthy relationship, we strive to provide the best services.


With a fishfinder, you’ll know where the fishes are and how many of them are in that particular spot.


Marine GPS
GPS provides the fastest and most accurate method for mariners to navigate, measure speed, and determine location.