FCV- 688

FCV- 688

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Recognizes individual or multiple fish instantaneously 

ACCU-FISHTM is a revolutionary fish size assessment function of the FCV-688. In order to assess individual fish size, the echo strength from the fish needs to be computed and turned into fish size display on the screen. It can detect the fish size of 10 to 199 cm, in the depth of 2 to 100 m.

Displaying fish marks

The fish mark can be utilized to display on individual fish echoes when detected. It helps beginners to identify the fish targets on the display for a more fun fishing experience. Fish mark is selectable from two types of fish symbol, circle and square. The fish symbol, displayed in two different sizes (Large: over 50 cm, Small: 10 to 49 cm), is a great help for anglers to identify fish targets. Circle and square identify targets without hiding fish echo.

Displaying fish size or fish depth

Activating the ACCU-FISHTM from the menu, FCV-688 displays fish size on the individual fish echo. When the ACCU-FISHTM is used concurrently with fish marks, it greatly helps anglers to identify fish targets on the display. You may also select and display the target depth instead of fish size, which helps to see how far the fish is from the boat.

Bottom Discrimination feature

The FCV-688’s Bottom Discrimination feature enables the fish finder to indicate if a major component of the bottom is mud, sand, gravel or rocks.
The Bottom Discrimination feature provides you with valuable information to locate rich fishing grounds, while boosting your catch of the day.

White Line function distinguishes fish from bottom

The white line function helps you distinguish bottom fish from the bottom by changing the strongest signal color to white. This function is not only useful discriminating bottom fish but is also valuable for judging fish school density. The setting range is 0%-100%, in intervals of 1%. The higher the value the thicker the line.

Post-Processing Gain Control

With conventional gain controls, changes are made for new echoes only when a change in the setting is applied. With the FCV-688’s Post-Processing Gain Control, changes in the gain setting are applied to new echoes as well as all of the echoes already on the screen. Because the changes are applied to both new and existing returns, you will be able to quickly and easily find the right gain setting for your conditions.

Fish Alarm function

When fish echoes come in the area which you set above the bottom, beeps sound and the alarm icon flashes at the top right corner of the screen. Furthermore, an integrated alarm setting is also available that can be set by every and each condition, including water depth, target depth, water temp, bottom component, etc.