FCV- 295

FCV- 295

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FURUNO Digital Filter

FURUNO digital filter optimizes the

FURUNO digital filter optimizes the gain to obtain highly defined images of underwater conditions. The FCV-295 can clearly show target fish close to the seabed. The digital filter also eliminates noise to deliver sharp and detailed echo presentation, achieving detection of fishing reef and even individual fish with absolute clarity.

White Edge

The top of the seabed is displayed in white to easily discern seabed structure from bottom fish returns. While conventional bottom discrimination function called “White Line” applied to the strongest echoes, the White Edge function enhances the discrimination of bottom fish and seabed by painting a very thin line above the bottom contour regardless of gain setting or display color.

Quick Gain Control

With the FCV-295’s Quick Gain control, changes you make to Gain setting are applied not only to new echoes, but also to all past echoes on the screen. You can compare past and current echoes under the same Gain setting. Because the changes are applied to both new and existing returns, you can quickly and easily determine the right Gain setting for your conditions.

Operating Frequency Adjustment

When FURUNO transducers are connected and set to the FCV-295, the operating frequency range will be registered and shown in the menu. The user can shift the operating frequency freely between the ranges at any time from the menu. With the FURUNO 82B-35R transducer, the operator can select any operating frequency from 66 to 109 kHz. This feature is particularly useful for vessels targeting many different species, or when the fish finders of other ships in the area cause interference.

Faster Transmission Rate For Detailed Detection

The rate of transmission is increased by more than 30% compared to conventional fish finders. As the result, more detailed information about underwater conditions can be gained through the same sounding interval. With the FCV-295’ s AUTO transmission function, the rate is automatically raised in shallow waters and lowered in deep waters, which provides for detailed detection of seabed targets.

Function Key

An often-used function such as TVG (Time Varied Gain) can be programmed and made available with the press of the Function key. This will give you access to any menu item without opening the menu.