5.7-inch Color LCD Echo Sounder
Digital Echo Sounder that always shows a clear image!


Uses digital signal processing

Koden’s advanced digital signal processing technology provides both higher resolution in shallow areas and high gain in deep areas.

Store the Image

You can store up to 10 images. Connecting the optional GPS sensor also allows you to display the position on the stored image.


This function uses sound to notify users when fish or the school is located.

Automatic functions make operation simple

Equipped with a full range of automatic functions. (GAIN, RANGE, SHIFT)

High-performance 5.7-inch LCD provides good visibility

The CVS-126 is also highly water resistant.
High visibility and drip-proof performance (IPX5) mean the CVS-126 can be installed in an open bridge.

Energy-efficient design

This is an energy-efficient model that achieves low power consumption using a white LED